Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pets, Part 2

At Christmas, Debbie asked Steve to help her daughter Rachel pick out a dog.

Steve replied:

"Actually, the thing I'm MOST worried about is that I'LL find a dog I just HAVE to save...

"But Debbie! He NEEDS me! Just look at those EYES--and he's WAGGING HIS TAIL!"

NO! I will be ruthless! I will be HARD-HEARTED! My WILL shall DOMINATE these adorable little fluffs of fur--oh, look! He's smiling!


I must be STRONG! NO. MORE. DOGS. Two is enough! Or maybe just one more, if it's not TOO large--maybe Sadie's size or a little bigger...


You understand my dilemma? ;-)"

Steven did NOT get a dog, although he wanted to save one named "Atlas".

Rachel got a bull terrier named "Skuka".

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