Monday, February 22, 2010

The History of Honey Hill Farm, Part 7

Saturday was--brutal.

Debbie dropped Steve at the Uhaul stand at 7:15. We were supposed to pick up our truck at 7:00. The office was locked, and Debbie was gone to pick up breakfast for our crack team of teenagers, even then assembling at her house in Halethorpe. Fortunately, the Chevron employee who was supposed to be running the Uhaul office that morning was only over at the Chevron station, buying coffee.

WARNING: If you rent a moving truck, they may offer it at $39.95 a day, but the actual COST is going to be over 6x MORE. Mileage, insurance, dollies and pads, all adds UP!

Steve drove to Debbie's house, where we loaded stuff into the truck. Then he drove to HIS condo, where we loaded stuff into the truck. Then he drove to Honey Hill, where we UNloaded stuff from the truck.

Then we returned the truck.

14 hours of continuous driving, loading, unloading, carrying. And then we had 5 teenagers having a sleepover, watching movies and playing video games until all hours. Torture! But the MAJOR pieces of furniture, and lots of the smaller stuff, was IN.

We slept at Honey Hill for the first time, 20 February 2010. Home at Last!

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